Discussion Questions

The Cartographer of No Man’s Land Book Discussion Questions

  1.  What is the meaning of “no man’s land” within the context of the book? Is there more than one meaning?
  2. Throughout the novel, chapters switch between the war and Snag Harbor. How does this technique contribute to the book?
  3. Why do you think Angus chooses not to tell Hettie about finding Ebbin? How would the truth affect Hettie? How does the secret affect their relationship?
  4. What role do birds play within the novel? How does this motif impact the story?
  5. How did the town’s reaction to Avon Heist play out throughout the book? Do you think there could have been another outcome?
  6. How do the images of father and son at sea change throughout the book?
  7. Why does Ebbin assume the identity of Havers? Do you think he recognizes Angus or is completely lost to his new identity?